Stress free Halloween

28 Sep

Halloween is no longer just for kids!  Adults have rediscovered the joy of dressing up, of being someone else for a night.  You secretly love watching SpongeBob Squarepants?  Halloween is the one day where you can let the world know of this love without actually looking like a total nerd!

The only trouble with wearing the costume of your dreams is actually finding it.  Most of the time you have this fabulous idea but all of your searching was to no avail and then you end up wearing a costume in a bag which five other girls are also sporting.  Halloween let down!

I was facing that dilemma this year.  I have this awesome costume idea, which I know no one else will be wearing.  Which also means that finding it on the internet would be impossible.  Which left me three options, scour every thrift store from here to Kalamazoo, pick up sewing and invent the pattern, or let someone else figure it out.  For all you busy bee’s out there the last choice defiantly sounds the best but how much it end up costing you?  As much as you want!

On the website they have a feature called Alchemy where you post something you want made, how much you want to pay, and when you need it by.  Then the artsy people out there bid on who gets to make your item.  Then you get to choose who you want, and who agrees the closest to your asked price!  It almost sounds to good to be true until I tried it out and as we speak the costume of my dreams is being made somewhere out there is someone’s home and I am paying the exact amount I wanted to!  So check it out if you have given up on ever finding that perfect costume!


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