Jobs, jobs everywhere, and not a drop to drink

10 Nov

I’m thinking maybe jobs are like cockroaches, they surround you when you aren’t looking but the minute that light flicks on they scatter.  Yup I have been on the job hunt for over three months now.  I guess truthfully I can’t say there are NO jobs, but honestly please don’t expect me to go work at McDonalds or Wendys.  Not that there is anything wrong with working those jobs, honest work is honest work.  I just feel I have done my fair share of working minimum wage jobs that I hardly enjoy.  I think its only fair I hold out for something I at least enjoy to some proportion.

So yesturday I found myself sitting outside Anthropologie  (  A store with the sweetest clothing ever made, at not so sweet prices) in a group interview.  I had no clue there were so many different types of interviews!  If that makes me seem a little slow in the business world, well that sounds about right.  So far in this job search I have had a phone interview, a writing test, and now a group interview.  Crazy!  Anyway back to Anthropologie.  I find myself crossing and recrossing fingers for this job.  The whole feel of the store, the employees, the no dress code (except denim is only allowed twice a week which I can handle, I’m a dress kind of girl) and the product itself, warms the very bottom of my fashion loving heart and gives me the feeling I have found a creative outlet that will pay me!  I do see a couple danger signs in my peripheral vision but I think that is more of a “oh my gosh, all my paychecks might go right back into Anthro’s hands”.   This is an example of the danger:

$128.00 is a little steep for a dress….even I know that 40% off isn’t gonna make this dress affordable, but isn’t it amazing?!  It really is a beautiful store , if you are a color texture person like myself it’s like a feast for the eyes.

So, that is where I am perched right now, on the brink of working a job that i will love and that will cost me all my paychecks.


One Response to “Jobs, jobs everywhere, and not a drop to drink”

  1. Shauna November 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Don’t settle! Hold out for a job you’ll love. You’ll find it eventually. And don’t forget to go above and beyond for those interviews!!

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