Gobble gobble?

18 Nov

If Thanksgiving were a person, I would buy them a bouquet of flowers and maybe some chocolates.  It must be hard being the holiday that everyone just seems to look at as a precursor for Christmas.  Poor Thanksgiving, don’t get your feathers all ruffled, I still love you.

Its kind of interesting to see how much the media and commercialism controls our view on holidays.  If stores aren’t able to make silly, overpriced items for a holiday, well then screw that holiday, we will just pass you over.  I think Turkey farmers and yam growers are the only ones who cheer for the oncoming Thanksgiving.  Who else would want to focus on a celebration that focuses on being THANKFUL.  How can you market a holiday that teaches us not share and not be greedy?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas with all my heart.  Heck, I sing carols all year round!  But I feel that maybe we need to slow down a little.  Stop jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas.  Take time to bake some cookies, have a bonfire with people you care about, be thankful that you are alive and can watch the on-coming winter.  I won’t detract from Christmas, in fact I believe it will help put you in that jolly spirit better then any overcrowded deptmartment store ever could.  Enjoy  Thanksgiving while its here.  The only holiday that doesn’t require anything except some food, some family and friends and a thankful spirit

If you are looking for a new tradition to start this year, here borrow one from my family.  Every year we make Kentucky spoon bread, aka, Corn Pudding, which is probably the best tasting type of cornbread I have ever tasted.  Its so good in fact we reserve it solely for Thanksgiving, we can’t wait to get a forkful of its yummy goodness.  We always top it with sour cream.  Seriously out of any of my recipes I recommend this!  Susan Branch is amazing.  My mother loves her and passed that admiration down to me.  Click on the picture for full size (disclaimer- I am not saying you wouldn’t think of that on your own, I just know that I would squint at the pic and try to copy it down as-is)



2 Responses to “Gobble gobble?”

  1. Shauna November 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    I so agree about how anxious everyone is to get to Christmas. It’s sooo annoying! I think fall is the best season EVER but when people start hanging up snowflakes and stockings in the grocery store on Nov 1 it makes me sad. It’s all about the money and christmas is the money-maker. I personally refuse to look at christmas decorations or listen to christmas music till black friday.

    • thehippiehousewife November 20, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

      I’m the same. As much as I love Christmas, I won’t touch my decorations till after Thanksgiving. Lol then it’s a free for all 🙂

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