14 Dec

It never fails!  The minute snow starts falling, my mood rises.  I think because I have so many wonderful, magical memories as a child, playing with my siblings, cousins, and friends in the snow for so long, that when you finally do trudge back indoors, everything on you is dripping wet, and mom has to peel everything off you.  I miss those days.  Snow makes everything better.  Yeah, its makes driving to work a pain, people get stuck in places they don’t want to be stuck in.  Its more work all around for an adult.  But when those first few snowflakes turn into hundreds, and everything is covered by a blanket of white, there is a peace to everything.  A hush, like the world for a little while is a truce.  A snow truce, to stay quite and calm, no rushing, no yelling, no litter, nothing ugly.  Everything is beautiful and peaceful.

I love it!

Last night I actually felt a little like my normal self, even though it was fridged, I stood outside by myself for a few minutes.  breathing in the cold, watching the snowflakes fall in the darkness, the utterly complete silence of it all.  So breathtaking, magical, and yet solemn in its own right.  Tomorrow is gonna be dirty and slushy and unpleasant but for that moment, it was a different world.  Nothing to be scared of, no stress.  Snow reverts me back to a child-like state.

So my recommendation for all of you LUCKY enough for snow, stand in its lush quietness for a few stolen moments.  Close your eyes and let the snowflakes land on your cheeks and remember a simpler time.  It will boost your spirits to no end.  If you are not lucky enough for snow, fear not because I have a video for you to watch!  Hopefully it will give you that same nostalgic feeling.


One Response to “Snow!!”

  1. Natalie Brooke December 17, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

    Hey girl – I’m not sure if you got my email, but you won my giveaway! 🙂 if you didn’t get it, let me know? thanks!

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