Quickie #2

11 Jan

Ok, so don’t count this as a real post.  I am a bit cranky today because like a nitwit I went to the grocery store in a snow storm.  Needless to say I slip slided away, directly into the back of a woman’s car, who had slammed on her breaks because of a truck sliding in front of her.  Now my pretty little hop-to-it mobile has a big ding in her hood.  I know it will be fixed but it will be the same as when you were little and got that first scuff on a new pair of shoes.  You could clean it off but they will never be the same again.  Maybe I am just weird.

Anyway, straight to what I wanted to say.  Gonna make some cookies to cheer myself up.  Found this.  Its amazing.  This is a new favorite site of mine!



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