Rainy days and Mondays….

4 Mar

Yes I know it’s not Monday, don’t judge :-).  It is very rainy here today in western Pennsylvania though, a dim grey which silhouettes the naked trees.  The view from my window looks like it should be posted on “Flikr” or something.

The home front has been quite, not a lot going on here as far as cooking and crafting go.  Have been testing the waters for my Etsy store though,  using ebay as a spring-board.  So far so good.  I am really excited and hopeful for this endeavor.  Vintage fashion is something I have been a fanatic about since I was a little girl watching old movie with my mum.  So much character, so unique.  Speaks to the artist in my soul.  Seriously, any Doris Day or Audrey Hepburn movie will cause me to drool slightly.  I am also a child of the 80’s and can not escape from the fashion era, nor do I want to (minus the poofy bangs which looked horrible on me).  I have also noticed the 70’s creeping in slightly to my style but high-waisted trouser jeans are awesome, so thumbs up to that.  Anyway I have been twittering and facebooking about my endeavours and have received a lot of positive feedback, which is just the push a sensitive gal like myself needs (thank you for that!).

Started a new part-time job as well, hostessing in an upscale restaurant.  Ever see that movie “Waiting”?  Exactly like that minus all the sex and creepy testicle jokes.  I’m not hating it though so that is a plus.  Every once in a while I get some raised eyebrows at the vintage spin I put to the required business casual wear but that’s OK, I just keep on strutting my stuff.  Our diners is mostly middle-aged yuppies so they probably aren’t used to seeing any clothing that isn’t Ann Taylor, or JCrew.  I love Ann Taylor and JCrew, just find all mine at the local Goodwill.  Its tough though working at a place like that because all the clothing that is right for that sort of job is “dry clean only”.  Never in my life have I had to go to a dry cleaners on a regular basis!  I guess it’s all part of growing up.

In other news my poor little hubby had to get two root canals today!  I felt so awful because I couldn’t even drive him as I had work.  He is a trooper though and made it home safe and sound (he is lying on the couch moaning as we speak ).  I let him order takeout chinese to make up for the agony he is going through.

Not much else is happening in my world.  My free time is being swallowed up between work, home life, and trying to kickstart my own business.  Something I am sure you all can commiserate with.  I want to thank you, loyal subscribers and readers though.  You have been very patient through my dry spells of not posting and I really am thankful for it!  I never was one of those  types who can keep up with a set scheduled time for creativity.  I’m either feeling it or I’m not.  So yay for you!!!!



One Response to “Rainy days and Mondays….”

  1. Natalie Brooke March 6, 2011 at 1:26 am #

    I get you on the whole not really having a set schedule for creativity – eek. I’ve been slacking a bit too. Hoping your hubby feels better, ouch! ps: doris day and audrey movies are the best!! love ’em! I grew up on them too. 🙂

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