20 Apr

Spring needs its own soundtrack.  A soundtrack the portrays the feeling of that first twilight country drive with all your windows rolled down, the scent of a freshly mowed lawn or moist, freshly turned earth, and since this is PA, the aroma of a cow pie or two.  The feeling of actually having to wear sunglasses instead of purely for fashion.  The feeling of standing in line at the “finally open for the summer” ice cream shop.  The feeling you get when you see your first robin.  The feeling when the landscape has a touch more green in it then it did the day before.  The feeling of your first grill-out.  The feeling I got when I saw my Bleeding heart plant that was trampled to death last summer, came back and now has little budding heart blooms on it!

This song I posted is a little like what my spring soundtrack sounds like.  How about yours?


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