Humpty dumpty day

28 Aug

Gosh do I feel like Humpty Dumpty today.  Remember him?  The guy who all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put back together again?  Yeah him.


Poor Humpty was certainly having a crisis that day.  Just sitting there chillin on a wall with probably an awesome view, enjoying the day, and then suddenly, “WHAM”  he is just pieces all over the floor.  I feel very similar to that.  Life was going so smoothly, I was enjoying the view, excited about a new chapter in my life.  Now I am in pieces on the floor.  The rest of the world going on around me, probably a few people wondering ”  Hey where did that girl go?”.  Friends who I have been avoiding, my yoga instructor hasn’t seen me in almost three weeks.  I am just here, in pieces, hiding because I don’t want anyone seeing me this vulnerable.  I don’t know what to say.  I don’t have the ability to pretend cheerfulness, and sadness makes people uncomfortable when confronted with tête-à-tête.  Honestly I don’t even have the energy to worry about them and their feelings so its better to stay quiet on the floor waiting to be put back together.



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