The Mean Reds

19 Sep

Maybe the older you grow and the less easy it is to put thought into action, maybe that’s why it gets all locked up in your head and becomes a burden.  ~Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1958

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such a strange novel but I think that is what makes it seem so real.  It’s chock full of quotes that can fit my mood at any give time.  Granted I don’t have a Tiffany’s to escape to when I am suffering from the mean reds, such as today but I’ve got fill-ins and they calm me down adequately.

Not sure what’s been going on with my mood lately.  I blame it on turning 29.  To explain it the simplest way I can, I feel like I am going through some sort of adult adolescence.  My body is changing and I am feeling so moody and out of sorts.  Every time I see a baby I want to cuddle it and keep it.  Mentally I don’t even want kids now but my hormones obviously wear the pants in this relationship because it is all I can think about at times.  My poor husband has no idea what to do with me, and in all reality I have no idea myself.  Guess maybe its kind of like being 16 again (minus the wanting babies thing) and I just gotta keep plugging through.  So frustrating though because I was finally feeling like I had everything in my life sorted out, I knew who I was, knew where I had been and where I wanted to go.  Now everything is foggy and I am feeling like that pimply teenager (just checked the bathroom, I am pimple free, thank goodness for that) who is upset at the world and has no clue why.  I can’t listen to the radio because every song I here makes me either angry or I start bawling like a baby.  I AM A MESS!

I just really hope this sort of thing is normal, just like teen angst and will go away (sooner rather than later).   I just want to hear someone say “oh yeah, I know all about that, went through it myself and it all turned out great!”  So anybody out there who knows what I am talking about feel free to assure me I am not a freak.  Thank you


One Response to “The Mean Reds”

  1. polly bland September 21, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    hi, dear! your head isn’t too big! they make hats for all sizes! you can for sure find yours! 🙂

    love, polly<3

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