Fall is theLove of my Life

10 Nov

Everything about Fall, from it’s name, all the way down to it’s scent appeals to me.  Talk about true love.  Cardigans, pomegranates, boots, soup, trees, red leaves, rosy cheeks, Gingerbread Lattes, Irish Breakfast Tea with cream, cuddles on a cold night, crushed leaves, and pumpkins.  Those are just to name a few of the gems that sparkle and shine come September.

You see landscapes  like this:

and wear comfy, fun things like this:

and cook delicious, hearty foods like this:

The Stew is a new recipe I just tried recently, found in one of those cooking magazines, that I never pay much attention to.  This recipe is so easy and tasty though that I think those magazines I used to ignore will now be something I regularly check!


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