This is Me

As far as experience goes, you could call me an amateur housewife.  Although  I feel as if my mother was training me, my whole life, in the lost art of the house wife.  At age thirteen I was tending to my younger siblings, babysitting for the neighbors, and cooking full meals when my mother needed a break.  I have been married to my darlin’ hubby for about two and a half years now.  We live in a small country cottage on the outskirts of your average small town, with its colorful history of coal mining and the Mafia.  Two cats who strayed into our lives and our Welsh Corgi pup make up the rest of our family.  Someday, maybe a baby with red hair like it’s daddy will be added to our little group.

I come from a unique background.  My mother is a straight laced, conservative, Lutheran, who’s ideas of family and happiness are quintessential.  My father is a child of the 60’s, and is forever filling my head with thoughts of peace, love, and conspiracy theories.  Being from a large family, with three other siblings, and me smack in the middle, I have a pretty open view point of the world.  We moved a lot through out my childhood, and then once I was out on my own I just couldn’t seem to stay put.  I think that is why I never really feel that any one place is “home”  If anything I would say that I feel the whole state of Pennsylvania is my home.  Just call me the PA vagabond.

I love rural countrysides, I was a 4-H’er from the age of 12 till 18.  I still have books from when I was little which I consider some of my best  friends. Being out in the woods makes me feel alive.  I had dreams of being a professional dancer but alas my scoliosis wouldn’t allow it.  Never stopped me from dancing just for the love of it.  I met my husband my junior year in college as a dance major (he was a theatre/philosophy major), dated off and on for 5 years until truth bit us in the ass  and we knew we couldn’t be apart ever again.  I converted to Eastern Orthodox ( same as Greek or Russian Orthodox, just depends what language they speak during the liturgy) a few months before our wedding, and it was the best decision I have ever made (Hubby is strong second).

My goals for life are simple and short, to love with my whole heart no matter the cost. I don’t want to be hindered by expectations or regrets.



Hubby and I " I have"


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